The High Complexity Hospital "President Juan Domingo Perón" aspires to be an institution of regional, national and international importance in the field of healthcare, teaching and research. We have intelligent technology managed by a group of professional specialists that improves diagnostic quality, reduces the risks of mistakes, maximizes curative effects, reduces costs and optimizes the use of resources.

12th Nursing Conference: Aimed at Excellence in Healthcare and Processes


The High Complexity Hospital "President Juan Domingo Perón" invites the 12th Nursing Conference, 11th Pediatric Nursing Conference, Fifth Oncology and Oncohematology Nursing Conference, which will be held on 11-12 October 2018, at this institution.

Once again, this Conference takes place within the framework of the permanent updates of the HAC nursing team, achieving traceability in comprehensive care with quality and warmth to the patient, family and community.  

The event will include an extensive programme, where outstanding nurses from capital and the interior town, will demonstrate the joint and coordinated work of the entire healthcare network of the province.

The event under the slogan, "Nursing as a framework for action, aiming at excellence in healthcare and processes", is aimed at nurses, doctors, students and residents of nursing.

It will start on Thursday,  October 11, 2018 at 07:30 am with prior registration of the participants, and there is no registration fees. The opening ceremony is is due to take place at noon.

It is sponsored by Instituto Superior de Sanidad “Prof. Dr. Ramón Carrillo”; Universidad Nacional de Formosa- Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud; Hospital Distrital Pirané; Hospital Distrital Ingeniero Juárez; Hospital Las Lomitas Distrito Sanitario N°2; Hospital Distrito Sanitario N°8; Hospital de la Madre y el Niño; Hospital Central; Fundación Hospital de Alta Complejidad "Pte. Juan D. Perón"; HAC "Pte. Juan D. Perón"; Ministerio de Desarrollo Humano; Gobierno de la Provincia de Formosa.