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Minimally invasive heart surgery are performed every day at the HAC


The Cardiac Surgery Service of the High Complexity Hospital "President Juan Domingo Perón" continues to strengthen the Mini Invasive Cardiac Surgery Programme, which are procedures that have been carried out in the area a while ago.

In the beginning, this type of surgery, was carried out by selecting patients to be treated until the technique was consolidated. Currently, it is practised routinely in all patients who require it. It consists of heart valve replacement through mini incisions leaving aside the wide stereotomy. These mini incisions offer the patient a much more comforting postoperative period, with practically no pain, scarce transfusions, significantly reduces hospital length of stay and gives the patient a quick reinsertion into their everyday activities. An example of this, are patients recently operated, who had entered the operating room to undergo an aortic valve replacement, remained in the coronary unit for 48 hours, a good evolution of the patient and were discharged on the fourth postoperative day. "We are very happy for my father’s health, who underwent surgery at this hospital which underwent a successful aortic valve replacement”.

Jose’s daughter, Meneses Etelvina, who is 78 years old, a patient from Villa General Güemes and belong to PAMI medical insurance, said that “It was a very small surgery (4cm). Doctors worked hard but It was all worth it”.

Anuncia Pintos’s daughter, Mirian Riveros, another patient who underwent an aortic valve surgery said that "we were very good treated in the hospital by the stretcher and surgeon, we are very grateful to everyone because my mother will be able to continue with her normal life”. Anuncia also has PAMI medical insurance and she is from Pirané.

It is worth mentioning that the technique has to be trained by the intervening human resource and the availability of instruments used for the minimally invasive technique. It is applied at the HAC in all cases that require it both for patients with medical insurance and those who do not have it.

These results allow us to provide this type of interventions with cutting-edge technology, come from having the necessary material that was recently delivered to the Cardiac Surgery Service, a case of specific instruments for minimally invasive surgery.

This is possible thanks to a remarkable management where the equal benefit of patients is prioritized.

"Both aspects were overcome thanks to the support of the hospital through the Human Development Ministry betting on the training abroad of the professionals and acquiring the necessary instruments to be able to carry out these successful procedures”; Dr. Sebastián Nicolás, Head of the Cardiac Surgery Service, said.

"Nowadays, efforts show their achievements and it is the main objective of the service, to carry out the resolution of all valvular pathologies through minimally invasive cardiac surgery, evaluating details in each case", he concluded.  

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