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New organs donation at the HAC saved lives of 4 children


The sixth organ ablation so far this year, was recently carried out at the High Complexity Hospital "President Juan Domingo Perón". On this occasion, a 13-year-old girl from Formosa give new hope for life to 4 children from different parts of the country who were registered on the transplant waiting list.

The transplant operation was performed to a pediatric patient who suffered a neurological problem, which unfortunately led to death. The family was very affected by this painful situation, but with a great human and altruistic sense allowed them to understand that the possibility of life for other beings was present and that their daughter could be a participant in such a laudable act.

This resulted in an organ donation operation that was developed in conjunction with the HAC and CUCAIFOR, whose reported that was possible to perform the ablation of both kidneys, liver and pancreas. " Given that the liver belong to a pediatric patient, it is implanted in two people which allowed 2 liver transplants, 1 kidney-Pancreas Transplant and 1 kidney transplant to be performed”, they said.

The organs were transplanted to 4 patients, one is from the province of Córdoba and 3 are from Buenos Aires. It should be noted that all organs were implanted in pediatric patients due to a matter of durability of the organ. Taking this into account, the implant is performed in people who have a longer life expectancy, which are always regulated by the national waiting list of the INCUCAI. It is based on specific criteria for its distribution (blood type, medical emergency, geographical location, organ size and tissue compatibility).  

The Hospital Administrator of the HAC, Dr. Marcelo Prochasko said that, "we are very happy about the fact that four children have agreed to an organ transplantation and have the possibility to continue living many more years.  It is an act that people and loved ones of the transplanted patients will forever thank this family. Also, who on behalf of the entire institution appreciate their enormous gesture of solidarity. At the same time he highlighted the hospital commitment, which enables this type of medical practice, which leads to saving lives”.

For his part, the General Coordinator of the CUCAIFOR, Dr. Cristian Antúnez commented that Formosa is reaching the national average in regard to organ donation, "At the rate we're going, the expectations for the end of the year are the best, we are sure that we will be reaching or exceeding the national average, in order to continue raising awareness to save lives”.