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Pediatricians of the HAC participated in an important Latin American Conference


Healthcare professionals of the Children’s service and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of the High Complexity Hospital "President Juan Domingo Perón" participated in the 18th Latin American Congress on Paediatrics. At the same time, the 16th Paraguayan Congress on Paediatrics and the 15th Paediatric Nursing Conference, led by the Paraguayan Paediatric Society (PPS).

The event was held in Luque (Asunción), Paraguay, where the central theme was “Equity in access to health care”, bringing together the best pediatrician and other healthcare professionals in Latin America, who have common academic excellence and are upgraded and trained with highly qualified professionals, in subjects of pediatric interest, through lectures, conferences, workshops and meetings.

The meeting was not only academic, but scientific, in which knowledge was provided and experiences were exchanged, strengthening the professional development of attendees in this area of health.

The Programme, in regard to free topics, was enriched with scientific work, from research of different groups, among which actively participated Dr. Noemi Olivello, Pediatrician specialist in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and Head from the Children’s service of the HAC, and Dr. Julia Caballero, Pediatrician resident of the last year of the specialty in Intensive Care Unit trained at the Service.

The professionals presented two posters and oral presentations, in which part of the daily work that takes place at the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of our Institution was exhibited, with examples of patients suffering from infrequent and complex pathologies which require multidisciplinary management by specialists.

It is recalled that the service has everything necessary to manage the third level of care ensuring effective and comprehensive care of each pediatric patient.

Having an area of Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, being a referral center of the entire province, where critically ill patients are admitted, from the postoperative management of critical children in all surgical specialties.

It’s entirely taken care by a team of specialists in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit certified by the Argentinian Society of Intensive Care (SATI).

It is emphasized that the training and constant education of medical staff is essential to provide a better service.