Social Work: Commitment, vocation and Love


Hospital social work is one of the professions that integrates Health teams with direct attention to the population. It enables the health system can treat not only health problems, but also the social factors that are related to that problem.

The Social work of the High Complexity Hospital "President  Juan Domingo Perón" is made up of five social workers who guide, inform and help people or families in a timely manner. The professionals daily perform their functions in different services and hospitalizations of the hospital, performing a survey on the needs of patients and their families.

From the area they provide direct collaboration with the drug bank service where the management of medications and supplies for inpatients and outpatients who do not have a healthcare insurance is carried out, so that once they have been discharged they can continue with their treatment, receiving the corresponding medications.

In an articulated manner together with the doctors, the workers accompany and advise the families in a difficult situation such as the loss of a family member.

In order to achieve comprehensive patient care and favor the connection and exchange of resources, they make home visits to patients with severe pathologies.

In addition, they follow up both transplanted and pre-transplant patients so they can access the waiting list.

The person in charge of the service the graduate Karina Portillo commented: “we promote the self-management to patients' relatives, so that they may be able to solve the situations presented to them”

"We prioritize the humanitarian part over the bureaucracy but it is still important to us because it allows to access resources".

In addition, she  added: “I want to thank the Hospital Administrator and directors, for the opportunity and importance they give to this profession. Also highlight the actions of the Minister of Human Development  José Luis Decima MD for including us in the area of public health. In recent times, we were gaining a space, therefore today all the reference hospitals have formed their Social work".

On the occasion of celebrating Social Worker Day, the Hospital Administrator of the HAC, Marcelo Prochasko MD congratulated to all professionals in this area and highlighted their vocation of service to patients and their families, proud of the commitment and love they carried out day to day .”