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The first functional neurosurgery for Epilepsy was carried out in the HAC


Epilepsy is a disease that, in most cases, can be controlled with an appropriate medication without causing serious alterations in people who suffer from it. However, there is a percentage of patients whose epilepsy is uncontrolled.

Surgery for epilepsy is performed only in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy, also known as refractory epilepsy.

Surgical treatment aims to eliminate epileptic seizures or reduce the frequency or intensity of seizures. It is important to emphasize that in addition to the seizure control, in the success of a surgery the impact that this control has on the quality of life of the patient and his family must be considered.

This surgical intervention was carried out through a multidisciplinary team that covers several areas of the hospital such as neurosurgeons, neurologists, instrumentalists, nurses, anesthesiologists, and electroneurophysiology technologists. Also, the appropriate technological resource for these cases, which is part of a healthcare policy that continues to grow from the provincial government through the Ministry of Human Development.

Contreras Fernando MD, Neurosurgeon of HAC, and who also works in the Hospital Garraham, Fundación Favaloro and Sanatorio Fleni, told us about it: "There are only a few centers in Argentina that have the capacity to study patients as we study them here and to be able to do this type of surgeries, we are the fifth public hospital which develops these procedures ".

"We are looking for that the seizures go away or decrease in a considerable way. The first objective is that they leave, second they decrease a lot and mainly to improve the quality of life".

It should be noted that this type of complex procedures, give patients the possibility of being studied and operated in the same hospital. This helps to avoid the uprooting to go elsewhere with all that this implies, either the family disorganization and the lack of continuity with the doctors who treat and care for the patient. The patient is known by a whole professional team of the HAC, who can be taken care at any time to the necessary consultation for his illness or their quality of life.  

The Head of the Department of Neuroscience, Javier Gardella MD, commented: The staff is perfectly trustworthy to accompany this type of surgeries, the entire service has the adequate and appropriate training so that everyone from their place of work, contributes so that the patient can be treated in the best way. This is a really important added value and the result of having qualified human resources ".