The High Complexity Hospital "President Juan Domingo Perón" aspires to be an institution of regional, national and international importance in the field of healthcare, teaching and research. We have intelligent technology managed by a group of professional specialists that improves diagnostic quality, reduces the risks of mistakes, maximizes curative effects, reduces costs and optimizes the use of resources.

The HAC will carry out the third training course in Laparoscopic Surgery in Gynecologic Oncology


The High Complexity Hospital "President Juan Domingo Perón" will carry out from 29 October to 1 November the Third Clinical Immersion in Laparoscopic Gynecologic Oncology. It is a training modality widely used in the US and Europe to refer specialists in the surgical treatment of gynecological cancer in order to instruct them in laparoscopic surgery. It is one of the first public hospitals to do it in the country.

Today, "Laparoscopic surgery is the choice for the surgical treatment of a lot of diseases, including oncological diseases, given the demonstrated benefits of laparoscopy: Less postoperative pain, less bleeding, faster recovery, shorter hospitalization time and quick return to normal activity", they commented.

"Since its inception, the Hospital has decided to offer these mini-invasive surgeries for the benefit of their patients, thus being able to accompany the scientific advances in the field. That has positioned us to be able to offer this type of training in surgeries which only take place in very few specialized centers of the country, all of them of a private nature. We are proud to be one of the few centers where patients lacking in health insurance receive the most updated surgeries without any limitations ".

It is aimed at a very limited and specific profile of professionals given the high level of technical requirement required for this type of surgery. This year the invitation has been extended throughout Latin America, having guaranteed the assistance of colleagues from Peru, Paraguay and capital federal who are dedicated to Gynecologic Oncology, but have not yet developed laparoscopy in their practice, so they chose the High Complexity Hospital of Formosa to be trained.  

In this regard, the Hospital Administrator, Dr. Marcelo Prochasko said that "This Conference, like many others developed in the Institution, position us as a training center at an international level of complex technical procedures. Also, as an example in policies of availability of equipment for the Public Subsector, demonstrating in this way the priority of the Provincial Government in offering the best quality of attention to the Formosa citizens provided evidence in the efforts of the Ministry of Human Development and in the actions of each of its effectors " .

In this case, the High Complexity Hospital demonstrates that its constant commitment to the continuous training of each of its professionals and the technological support obtained through the continuous investments in equipment, has allowed the Institution to be established as an international reference in a lot of benefits, accompanying the advance of science and offering the highest quality healthcare to our patients when they need it, Dr Prochasko said.