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The Third Conference of Laparoscopic Gynecologic Oncology is successfully completed


The High Complexity Hospital "President Juan Domingo Perón" was the venue for the entire week of the Third Clinical Immersion in Laparoscopic Gynecologic Oncology, which was attended by professionals from Peru, Paraguay, La Plata and Capital Federal. They highlighted the importance of these trainings carried out by professionals of Gynecology of the HAC.  

In this regard, Alejandro Sosa MD (gynecologic oncologist from Capital Federal) commented: "This is the second time that we have come with Dr. Cappetta to these Conference of Laparoscopic Gynecologic Oncology and we ended our week with the same enthusiasm and admiration that the first time. Despite working in hospitals with a lot of surgical procedures, and having large renowned centers close by, we do not have a complete course at the Capital Federal and with the impetus given by the organizers". "Our objective was to strengthen Surgical knowledge related to this pathology so important for our specialty, which requires a strong surgical training that was previously open and now much should be performed laparoscopically. The problem is that very few places in the country have the equipment and training of the staff to offer it, and that is why we visited Formosa again".  

"This public hospital gives us the possibility not only to train together with their surgeons, but also to see the latest in technology which is one more credit that gives this course. Accessing this type of training is very difficult and often only occurs in private institutions, where access is much more restricted. Here we feel benefited by participating, but we realize that the main beneficiaries are the patients who have health insurance or not receive the same treatment".

For his part, Ricardo Cappetta MD (gynecologic oncologist from Capital Federal) said: "The surgeries we performed were of very complex pathologies, technically correct and with very fast surgical times in relation to open techniques, which is why The fact of coming, being and participating in this type of surgery continues to be fruitful". "The quality of the team, in terms of responsibility, order and meticulousness they work is incredible. They are seen as dedicated so that everything comes out in perfect conditions, not only in the organizational but also from the strictly medical ".

"I want to congratulate the hospital authorities that allow the staff to have all the necessary material to carry out this type of procedure, thus providing the possibility for patients to be treated with the latest technology. We were amazed the first time, but it is very gratifying to see that they are following the same path ".

Ernesto Lee Basso MD and Fredy Juan Vilca Flores MD, from the Hospital Nacional Daniel Alcides Carrión, Lima-Perú, expressed: "The ultimate goal of all medical training is to be able to offer a better treatment for patients with this type of pathologies. In our country, we perform open oncological surgeries and this training is an opportunity to start applying these techniques for the great benefits they have for the patient. Beyond learning in the technique, these added benefits are important: faster recovery, Less postoperative pain, shorter hospitalization time and quick return to normal activity, it's incredible", commented the healthcare professionals from Peru.

Finally, Vicente Acuña MD, a surgical oncologist from Asunción-Paraguay, said: "I want to thank you for the invitation and highlight that the hospital has its name well on top due to the large-scale interventions that are carried out, because they are highly complex". "These are last-level techniques in gynecological cancer and with multiple advantages, either for a better result from the point of view of treatment as for the recovery of patients". "I want to emphasize that all this occurs within a public hospital where people who do not have the resources to access other places to perform this type of surgical intervention, which speaks very well of the whole healthcare system of Formosa" , the healthcare professional said.

Regarding the Conference, the Head of the Gynecology Service of the HAC said: "It has been very fruitful days for what we have shared with colleagues from our country and from Latin America. This was previously unthinkable for our province, but clearly the political and institutional decision to transform this hospital into a training center for Latin America has not only been in good intentions, but has been materialized by the constant work of those who lead the hospital and all the services that intervene day by day in the multiple procedures that are carried out ".

To conclude, the professional told us: "The Conferences have been again a success as a summary of all those involved in its organization, and the effort of the operating room staff who have received the highest praise from those who visited us from other countries. . This is also a great satisfaction, the professional and humanitarian recognition of the Human Resource of the Hospital, something that is offered daily to all the patients who come to the Institution to accompany them in their moments of suffering ".