The High Complexity Hospital "President Juan Domingo Perón" aspires to be an institution of regional, national and international importance in the field of healthcare, teaching and research. We have intelligent technology managed by a group of professional specialists that improves diagnostic quality, reduces the risks of mistakes, maximizes curative effects, reduces costs and optimizes the use of resources.
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The Oncology Service of the High Complexity Hospital "President J.D. Peron" began operations as a section of General Internal Medicine at the end of 2004, with two young Oncologists who began interconsultations of inpatients and an outpatient clinic, not having a specific Area assigned.

In view of the growing demand in October 2005, Dr. Silvia Acevedo is incorporated as Head of Service. In that year, the Clinical Oncology Area was also created in a Hospital sector named Hospitalization Area 1, which has 24 beds that we still shared with the rest of the hospital. In addition, capacity building and training of a team of nurses in the management of oncological drugs and cancer patients began.

The Tumor Committee also begins to work weekly, where cases that will be discussed multidisciplinary are presented.

Later, in the growth of the Service, other specialties were added, such as Psycho-oncology, Social Work, Nutrition that grew at the same time as the Service.

In 2009, the Renunciation of the clinical oncologists took place, but immediately two new oncologists were incorporated, who began to work in the Service carrying out all the activities of it.

From the years 2010-2011 with the incorporation of the new staff, there is an Oncology Training Area with adult and child Oncohematology with its own space called Oncology Day Hospital consisting of a large Reception and Waiting Room which is also equipped with a projector to be used as an Auditorium. Five fully equipped clinics that are occupied according to previous organization and that work from 08:00 am to 5:00 pm. A Day Hospital Room with 8 (eight) reclining chairs up to trendelenburg position, an inpatient room with 12 beds and a room with laminar flow hood for preparation of oncological medication.

The Service has not only grown in terms of the number of members but also in the quality of its service, since there has been a constant training of all the staff, from the ordnance workers to the most specialized. It has also grown in the academic aspect since In addition to the weekly Tumor Committees, tutorials have been created by professionals from the Fleming Institute (Bs.As), weekly bibliographic workshops, distance training courses (INC scholarships) and on site for all the staff of the Service.

It is also interrelated with the Ministry of Health of the province participating in prevention programs (Breast, Cervix and Colon) as well as Palliative Care.

It is a service that is constantly expanding and whose main objective is to provide excellent care to cancer patients, from the beginning of his illness accompanying him in all aspects: physical, psychosocial and spiritual and giving him at the end of life a personalized attention preserving his dignity as a person.




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