The High Complexity Hospital "President Juan Domingo Perón" aspires to be an institution of regional, national and international importance in the field of healthcare, teaching and research. We have intelligent technology managed by a group of professional specialists that improves diagnostic quality, reduces the risks of mistakes, maximizes curative effects, reduces costs and optimizes the use of resources.
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Mental Health Services


The Mental Health Service and Quality of Life of the patient is the unit in charge of the activities related to the psychological and psychiatric assistance of the patients and their families, in inpatient and outpatient care. It is responsible for providing, coordinating and organizing human resources and the specific materials necessary for carrying out its activities, and also participates in research and teaching programs.

It began its work in 2005, performing different services in the field of mental health, which have been expanding and becoming more complex as new social demands related to the psychological aspects of the human being in a situation of illness emerged.



We work in a multidisciplinary way, through actions with the health team in psychological interventions according to the needs of the patient, in the modalities of psychoeducation, and group crisis intervention.

-Group intervention in chronic ambulatory patients (diabetes, hypertension, obesity, dialysis, etc.).

- Surgical psychoprophylaxis: psychological intervention for patients who will undergo high-impact medical procedures (transplant, amputation, etc.).

- Crisis intervention: Activation of COE (Código operativo de emergencia) providing psychological assistance to victims and / or family members in situations of crisis and environmental risk. Supporting patients and relatives who are going through altered emotional states of distress, anger, sadness and worry.

- Thanatology Support (mourning processes): this is provided when dealing with a loss of a loved one, mutilation of a member of the patient’s body and a medical diagnosis of poor prognosis which radically changes their quality of life.

-Support during Hospitalization: Through the evaluation of the psychosocial impact of hospitalization and psychological responses of the patients and psychological support to the hospitalized patient that results in the improvement of their emotional state and acceptance of the hospitalization process.

-Intervention in cancer patients and their families.

-Problems of adherence to treatment.

-Problems associated with the assumption of the role of the patient.

-Emotional disorders associated with illness

-Problems associated with family support

- Psychological problems associated with the changes produced by the disease, injury and adaptation to the environment.




-          Psychiatric Consultant: Norberto Ramírez MD

-          Head of the Unit: Ariel Germán Meier MD, Psychiatrist and Psychologist.

-          Head of the Unit: Graduate Domecq, Livia Patricia.

-          Psychiatrist: Gisela Lencinas Frette MD and Daniela Yanina Morales MD.

-         Graduate In Psychology: Ps. Ávila, Guillermo Pablo, Ferreira Tor, María Cecilia, Guillen Vanesa Beatriz, Novello María Belén, Rodríguez Yamila Elizabeth, Rodríguez Lazzini, Vanesa, Sandoval, Valeria Soledad, Graduate Ribero Giuliana, Graduate Solís Mercedes Alejandra.

-          Occupational therapist: Graduate María Jimena Ferreiro

-          Administrative Secretary: Mrs. Castillo Gladys




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