The High Complexity Hospital "President Juan Domingo Perón" aspires to be an institution of regional, national and international importance in the field of healthcare, teaching and research. We have intelligent technology managed by a group of professional specialists that improves diagnostic quality, reduces the risks of mistakes, maximizes curative effects, reduces costs and optimizes the use of resources.
Our Services

General Internal Medicine

It is one of the basic and fundamental services of this institution, it began to function in 2005 with the progressive care modality with the purpose of optimizing the care of all admitted patients of the different specialties, covering the attention and clinical evaluation of them. It has a head of service, a medical staff and the assistance and academic collaboration of the Head of Clinical Management.

In 2008, the turnover of residents of other specialties from this hospital and other regional hospitals was added.

As of 2015, the opening of the medical clinic residence is made.


• To recognize and treat health problems, diagnoses and therapeutics of pathologies in the clinical setting of admitted patients.

• To Interact with specialists in order to carry out an integrated care for the patient.

• To understand and manage strategies of approach for the establishment of an adequate doctor-patient relationship as well as with their relatives

• To use the different means of collecting medical information and analyze it critically

• To apply the scientific evidence available in the care of patients. Schedule teaching activities and promote continuing education

• To apply ethical and humanitarian values in the development of professional activity.

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