Heart procedures performed during pandemic are highlighted


At present, the High Complexity Hospital “President Juan D. Perón” continues to carry out different complex procedures within its service offer. In this sense, the Cardiac Surgery Service has carried out more than 500 heart procedure of various complexities, with special relevance to the last two which were performed on octogenarian patients who are included in the population-at-risk for Covid-19.

It should be noted that, since the beginning of the pandemic, all the surgical procedures have been carried out by local healthcare professional, enabling the hospital to respond quickly to the growing demand for health care in Formosa, with highly satisfactory results.

Sebastián Nicolás MD, head of the Cardiac Surgery Service said: “These surgeries were performed on patients aged 80-81, who had valvular heart disease and coronary artery obstruction, which put their lives at risk. During surgery, the patient’s thorax is opened and the heart is reached. It is connected to a machine temporarily which takes over the function of the heart and lungs during surgery and stops beating. The heart is opened, the pathology is repaired, then it is closed, filled with blood and made it beat again as if we had never opened it. Fortunately, the patients had a favourable evolution, to the point that they are already sitting on the edge of the bed and starting to eat”.

These are complex surgeries but in times of pandemics they become more demanding in all the processes. Everything is done under strict health protocols dictated by the HAC authorities, thus safeguarding not only the health of the patient but also of all the professionals of the different services of Haemodynamics, Coronary Care Unit and Cardiology with whom we carry out the pre and post-operative stages of these patients”.

At the same time, endovascular implantation of Cardiac Rhythm Device was also carried out. Pacemakers and cardiac synchronisers were placed in patients suffering from arrhythmias and heart blockages. These procedures are performed entirely by endovascular means. They are highly complex and are not available in all centres in the country. They were performed jointly by the electrophysiology and cardiac surgery services. Fortunately, the patients had good evolution and they were discharged within 24 hours”. Freis MD, head of the electrophysiology department of the hospital, explained.

The professionals highlight the support of the HAC authorities for the performance of these procedures and highlighted the availability and quality of supplies and equipment available in the institution. They are possible thank to the provincial health policy that guarantees the health of the population at different levels of healthcare and protecting the lives of health workers and patients.